LUMINEERS are extremely durable, highly customized, pain-free, super-thin porcelain veneers.

LUMINEERS are state-of-the-art, super-thin porcelain veneers that can give you that stunning, permanent “Hollywood Smile”, with NO shots and NO drilling of sensitive tooth structure. Made of ultra-thin Cerinate Porcelain, LUMINEERS are permanently bonded to the front of your teeth, bypassing the painful process of shaving down sensitive tooth structure, which is required with traditional porcelain veneers. It is a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure that not only strengthens and protects your existing teeth, but is also an excellent cosmetic solution for everything from spaced, stained, or crooked teeth to discolored crowns and veneers.
Unlike traditional porcelain veneers that have been in use since the 1930s, painless LUMINEERS require no removal of sensitive tooth structure, meaning no painful drilling or shots. The noninvasive nature of LUMINEERS is certainly one of its most considerable benefits, and the fact that Dr. Goldsmith has never needed to use heavy drilling or numbing shots during a procedure speaks for itself.

LUMINEERS are a permanent solution that can dramatically enhance your smile, making it youthful and more attractive. Whether your teeth are chipped, spaced, crowded, or simply stained from years of wear and tear, LUMINEERS will painlessly provide you with the teeth you always wanted; giving you a feeling of pride and self-confidence that only an immaculate smile can bring.

Because Dr. Goldsmith takes advantage of today’s most advanced technology, you can have a complete LUMINEERS smile makeover in as little as two or three visits. During your first visit, Dr. Goldsmith will prepare your teeth for the procedure, take impressions, and help you decide your desired tooth shade. Your second visit will be about four weeks later; giving DenMat Laboratory enough time to fabricate your custom, ultra-thin veneers. We will then use a temporary bonding agent to allow you the time to approve the fit, shape, shade, and look of your new LUMINEERS. Once you are completely confident with the fit and shade, we will bond them in permanently, providing you with the attractive, flawless smile of your dreams.

With over 30-years of experience, Dr. Goldsmith has mastered the art of the “Hollywood Smile” makeover, and can effortlessly transform your smile today.

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